Products and Technology

Industrial machinery application - Information equipment, Office machinery

NTN developed materials superior in sliding characteristics and lubricating oil friendly to resin for the bearing for office equipment and information equipment.
We developed the world's first fluid dynamic bearing of sintered material “Hydrodynamic BEARPHITE” with NTN unique technologies, and they are now employed in the polygon scanner motor which requires high rotational accuracy and in the cooling fan motor which requires less noise severely.

Industrial machinery application - Medical equipment etc.

“Dust core,” a low-loss amorphous powder, that is pressure molded, and “Injection molded core,” which is filled in resin materials with high capacity, are usable for applications with high frequencies and large currents.
These materials can also be combined with coils as a single unit.


  • It is superior in frequency properties.
    It is used with low frequency up to high frequency.
  • A characteristic change is small in the high current.
    It is suitable for high current use.

Test result

NTN Amorphous core:
AS10 (injection molding core),AL60 (compression molding core)

Industrial machinery application - Mini Pillow Units

NTN BEARPHITE Mini Pillow Unit is a combination of spherical bearing with aligning property and steel housing. As a lightweight and compact bearing unit with easy Installation and oil-free long life, it's widely used in general industrial machinery .