Products and Technology

Self-lubricating BEARPHITE

By using special graphite and optimizing material composition, we have developed “Self-lubricating BEARPHITE” that can be used in environments not suited to oil lubrication.


  • By adding graphite 5 times (or more) than the bronze based material, excellent sliding properties is ensured even in a dry environment.
  • Optimized material composition secures formability in manufacturing process
  • Has conductivity because it is not oil- impregnated.

Material Chemical Components wt%
Cu C other
Developed material 85 5 10
Bronze based material 89 1 10
Examples of use

Bearings for office equipment

Power supply Chip for photocopiers

Bearings for head lamp

Friction and wear

Test conditions
  • Rotation speed 450 min-1-1
  • Load 15 N
  • Test time 1h
  • Shaft materials SUS420J2

Material Wear rate
Developed material 0.2 〜 0.3
Bronze based material NON Oil-Impregnated : about 0.45
Oil-Impregnated : about 0.1

1/2 wear rate in dry environment, compared with bronze based materials.