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Corrosion resistance BEARPHITE

Corrosion resistant sintered bearings are usable bearings in environment where corrosion easily occurred such as in fuel or exhaust gas was developed.


  • Low cost is realized by adopting aluminum bronze material, which is developed as the world’s first sintered bearings
  • Excellent corrosion resistance compared to cupronickel material.
  • Friction and anti-wear properties improved by optimizing the material composition.
Examples of use
  • Fuel pumps
  • Exhaust gas recirculation system

Salt spray test

Test temperature : 35 ℃ / Salt concentration : 5% / Test time : 120h
Developed material Cupronickel based material

Before the test → After the test

Before the test → After the test
No corrosion corroded

→ Achieve the corrosion resistance equal or better than the over cupronickel.

Anti-wear test

PV value : 25MPa・m/min Test time : 1h
  Developed material Cupronickel based material
Specific wear rate3 / (N・m) 3.2 × 10-7 30 × 10-7

Wear resistance is cupronickel 9-times more than cupronickel

Compared with cupronickel based material

  • Equal or better corrosion resistance
    No corrosion generated in JIS salt spray test
  • Same 0.1 or less coefficient of friction
  • 9-times or more wear resistance