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The world is depressed by the Coronavirus, but the season when cherry blossoms are full bloom are coming again.
Like the beautiful cherry blossom, we keep moving forward to a reliable and sustainable company.

January 12, 2021-NTN Advanced Materials Corporation 2020's activities of road safety and community safety were evaluated and were given certificate of appreciation from chief of Kanie police office.
We continue to these activities.

<Photo with Chief of Kanie police office(the second person from the right)>

<Certificate of Appreciation>

April 1, 2020-NTN Advanced Materials Corporation held its annual entrance ceremony for 2 new employees. President Matsunaga talked about "safety first" and "compliance".

On April 1 2019, NTN Advanced Materials held its annual initial ceremony at Kanie factory for 9 new employees.
President Matsunaga gave a message to them.
“You must think what you can do and make yourself grow instead of expecting others do something for you. Please always keep “safety above all” in mind and protect yourself.”
We hope new employees’ great success.
Kameyama plant conducted a plant tour on October 18, inviting second grade of elementary school in Kameyama.
The students learned about Kameyama plant, manufacturing products, and applications. After that, a Q&A session was held.
This plant tour gave a good opportunity for elementary school students to know our company.