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Technical inquires

We are waiting for technical inquiry.

Personal Information which you provide to us will be used only to contact with you about the inquiry. The Personal Information will not be used for any other purposes. We will delete your Personal Information after we send material about your inquiry as soon as possible.

[Required]The company/name of organization
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Zip code
[Required]E-mail address
Phone number
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Used machines or applications
Use points
Bearing dimensions Inner dimensions:φ
Notices, such as inner-diameter tolerance:
Outer diameter:φ
Notices, such as otside -diameter tolerance:
Linear dimensions:φ
Special considerations such as dimensional tolerances:
Use temperature:℃ -
Load Radial load:N
Axial load:N
Other loads:N
Rotation speed rpm
Rotation mode:    
Housing material
Axis Material:
Surface roughness:
Requirements life:
[Required] The details of your inquiry

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