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High heat conductivity resin

Binding small amount, low-cost filler material together effectively allows formation of thermal conductive channels with 10 to 30 times thermal conductivity as much as ordinary resins.
These materials can also be used as products to help thermal discharge, and their high degree of fluidity means they can be formed into complex shapes.


  • It has 10-30 times thermal conductivity as much as the general resin.
  • It is usable as substitute from die-casting and ceramic for heat release. In addition, cost down is possible.

Representative properties

Examples of use Unit Insulation type Conductive type (Comparison)
General grade
Specific gravity - 2.11 2.30 1.93
Tensile Strength MPa 75 78 114
Elongation % 0.8 0.8 1.0
Bending test Strength


105 120 170
Modulus GPa 22 23 19
Izod impact strength test V notch J/m 45 26 50
Non 90 62 125
Temp. of deflection under load ≧260 ≧260 ≧260
Linear thermal expansion MD ×10⁻⁵ /k 0.9 1.1 1.4
TD 1.3 2.3 2.6
Flammability class - V-0 V-0 V-0
Surface resistivity Ω/☐ ≧1.E+16 ≒1.E+01 ≧1.E+16
Volume resistivity Ω・cm ≧1.E+16 ≒1.E+00 ≧1.E+16
Electric strength KV/mm ≧25 - ≧17
Thermal conductivity W/(m・K) 3 10 0.4

Note) Numerical value mentioned above is representative measurements. It is not guaranteed performance.
  This contents may be changed without a notice for performance enhancement. Please understand it